Feature proposal - integrate kepler.gl as an extension directly in Knime

Would anyone see an interest to integrate https://kepler.gl/ as an extension to Knime?
The current OpenStreetMap nodes become a bit outdated. It is quite easy to output a file from Knime that can be loaded into kepler.
But, from my perspective, it would be also very nice to have a kepler.gl node directly connected to a workflow in Knime. A bit like it is currently done in VS Code.
To Knimers: anything similar or future improvements in Knime’s geo-capabilities in the roadmap?

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Hello @szawadski,

Thank you for reaching out to us. kepler.gl is a very nice tool and we are currently looking into this, if it is appropriate to integrate it somehow.
In general, we are currently working on a new geospatial integration capabilities. However, there is no distinct timeline which can be announced.

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Hi @kevin_sturm ,
Saw the presentation about the new geodata extension at Knime Summit and looking forward to testing it. Well done!


@szawadski Hello,kepler.gl node can be used.

you can try to go to use knime geospatial analytics.

Good luck!