Feature Request: Wireless Connections

Good morning, is there any news about the topic below?
(Feature Request: Wireless Connections)

This feature is important in complex workflow as it really simplify visibility.

+1 To this request - I’ve made the connectors thinner and that helped a lot but many of my workflows reference the same node for multiple, separate operations. Just being able to hide the connectors (they could appear only when clicking on the node, for example) or being able to change the line-style (dotted, or dashed?) or color could help a lot, too.

The two images are screencaps from two workflows I have - the workflows aren’t very complicated but the SharePoint node, for example, needs to connect to any node that reads a file from SharePoint and it starts to look v messy very quickly.


Thanks for the answer JB_BCT.
How do you make them thinner?

Try this post - good luck!

For reference, we have a ticket for this as AP-12016 :slight_smile:

Thanks for the hint :+1:

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