Feature suggestion: Global variables (valid for ANY node inside KNIME)

Hello to the team,

adding to the two (closed) posts below, I would like to suggest an option in KNIME to define global variables that are
a. set once and saved/remembered for future sessions until changed/deleted
b. available for use by ANY node in ANY workflow
c. as an added bonus (if possible) “set-able” for either a specific workspace or all workspaces

Best regards,
Jan Schuppius

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Hi Jan,

Thanks for your feedback and your feature suggestion.

My answer here won’t be much different than the two forum posts.

But, I would like to add that you can achieve the same goal by defining System Environment Variables and using this existing component.


Hello Temesgen,
we already have a “workaround” running using OS environment variables collected via a Java snippet, so very similar to what you suggested. That works well.
Best regards,