Feature suggestion: Global variables (valid for ANY node inside KNIME)

Hello to the team,

adding to the two (closed) posts below, I would like to suggest an option in KNIME to define global variables that are
a. set once and saved/remembered for future sessions until changed/deleted
b. available for use by ANY node in ANY workflow
c. as an added bonus (if possible) “set-able” for either a specific workspace or all workspaces

Best regards,
Jan Schuppius

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Hi Jan,

Thanks for your feedback and your feature suggestion.

My answer here won’t be much different than the two forum posts.

But, I would like to add that you can achieve the same goal by defining System Environment Variables and using this existing component.


Hello Temesgen,
we already have a “workaround” running using OS environment variables collected via a Java snippet, so very similar to what you suggested. That works well.
Best regards,

Hello, guys.

I’m not sure using env variables is the same thing. My use case asks me to reuse the same value in dozens of paths within the same workflow.

Basically I read 20 different tables, and use a couple of values to filter them. The same filters apply to almost all tables.

Today I create one variable, but I need to link it to each path, manually.