File download Quickform for image files

Hi there,
Does the Quickform file download node support image file downloads? Use case example - I have a workflow that generates a tag cloud, and I’d like to make the image downloadable so my colleagues can save it and use the image in presentations etc. I’m using the image port writer to generate a .svg output and saving that on the server, then generating a variable from the writer using the “Create variable” checkbox, but the workflow fails with the message:

“Variable “path” does not denote a valid file: knime://knime-server/3_Production/Keyword_Cloud_File_Store/cloud_image.svg”

Workflow I’m using is shown here:

Appreciate any advice, or suggestions for alternate approaches!
Thanks in advance,

Hi Lisa,

See the attached workflow. It’s just tweaked slightly to write the image to a temp directory before download.


Jonimage-download.knwf (19.0 KB)


Thanks, Jon, I think that’s done it!


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