File location not working for examples in 4.2

The data of the examples is not working on 4.2:

when you check the data, it exists in the workflow archive. What I had to do was to take out the data and point to the file in the file Excel reader node
For an example I put in the server I had to upload the data and do the same thing.

Hi @iperez,

“Relative to current workflow data area” already points to the /data directory in your workflow, so removing “data/” from the selected path should fix the issue.

Does this help?



Hi Simon,

That solves the problem, thanks!!!


SimonS’ suggestion solves the problem in my local machine. I have downloaded a flow from the Hub: “14_Interactive_dasboard_netflix_shows” and deployed it to the server. The file reader config is:
it runs in my machine but not on the server. My workaround was to copy the datafile elsewhere and point to the location, but since the data folder is in the worflow file there should be a better way to solve it…

What does not work on the server? If I copy the example workflow as it is to the server and execute it, it works fine.


On my Mac and also Windows I had the problem that just leaving it blank did not work I had to insert “…” (two dots). Maybe it is possible to somehow rework these features and make them more consistant across operation systems.

Also I liked the concept of KNIME protocol which has been somewhat out of focus lately.

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Hi @mlauber71,

thanks for the feedback. If you select “Custom/KNIME URL” to read from, you can still use the KNIME protocol as you are used to.


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Yes I still like to use the knime protocol. In the case of the excel reader it is not possible to access multiple files at once using the protocol. Not a big deal for me since I would still prefer loops and control explicitly what I would do with such files.

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