File System Connection Ports for other Readers/Writers?

Are there any plans to create File System Connection Ports to some of the cheminformatics readers such as the SDF Reader/Writer, Molfile Reader/Writer?

Angie :slight_smile:

Hi @chemgirl36 , as far as I know, these nodes exist already:

You will need to install the KNIME Base Chemistry Types & Nodes Extension, or you can drag any one of the above nodes onto your workflow, and Knime will get the proper extension for you.

But just in case you want to install the extension manually:

EDIT: Sorry @chemgirl36 , it looks like your question was more about a Connector instead. It looks like there is no such thing yet, based on this thread:

The workaround would be to connect to your host and download the file locally first, and then read the file.

Alternatively, you may try this Remote SDF Reader where it seems to be able to read an SDF file from an ssh server:

And use it in conjunction with the SDF Port To Knime node to get the data in a Knime table:

Something else to try is the Maestro Connector if it’s applicable in your case:


Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: I will look into those connector nodes.

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