Find elements/Frame error - Selenium nodes

I try to locate a “LOGIN” and “PASSWORD” element using the find elemnets and frame node and I can’t. Does anyone know how to solve it?

Error when using frame node:
Execute failed: No frame element found by name or id l_username

attached workflow, thanks!
Flash_Knime.knwf (14.8 KB)

Hi there,

my apologies - I just saw that I forgot to paste the link into my previous email to you :blush:

I’ll put it here as a starting point:



Hello @qqilihq !

thanks for the feedback

I tried to use find elements before the node frame, but when inspecting the page, the code that returns is "//*[@id=“l_username”] " and the node returns missing values.

I saw in your examples that the inspect code starts with “//frame[@…” . I tried replacing it with this pattern, but without success. Is there another alternative?

Hi fragonidg,

does the page use a <frame>, or is it an <iframe>?


Sorry, I confused the flows. My last answer needed to switch pages with node java snippet. Solved.

In this forum’s stream, the site appears to not show an iframe. I tried name=“FrameGeral” , but without success.

solved: when using the “general” frame (not ID or name) it expanded the fields that could be inspected in find elements. At each stage there was a different frame

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Great that you solved it, and thank you for describing your solution! :slight_smile: :+1:

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