Finding a node that defines a column or flow variable

Is there some functionality in KNIME that allows me to search for a node in my workflow that defines a column/flow variable? That would be very helpful for refactoring.

If you look into the "Flow Variables" tab of an ouput table view, you can see the node that created a flow variable in the "Owner" column. It's the node's ID, potentially prepended by metanode IDs.

Cool. Thanks. That is already very helpful. Is there also a way to jump to a node with a specific ID in the workflow graph?


A few notes for other people who might stuble upon this thread:

You can get the node IDs by selecting

KNIME Menu Bar -> Node -> Show Node IDs

If your owner is something like "1:2:3" then the actual owner is the node with the ID 3 which is located within metanode ID 2 which in turn is located within metanode 1.