FreeBSD install or build (from ground up or over Eclipse)

Hi, being KNIME an open source software, I would to know if someone tried to make it run on FreeBSD yet. I know FreeBSD has a compatibility layer with Linux, but I need the integration of KNIME and R and Python, then, perhaps using the Linuxulator is not the right path to follow.

My company is considering migrating from openSUSE Leap to FreeBSD after the announce of the Adaptable Linux Platform, so I am looking for some clues before it’s too late.

Willing to setting up things easier, would be possible to add KNIME to an existing Eclipse installation, without creating a whole development environment?

I found some documentation, but looks like it’s mainly focused on on-boarding developers to create extensions, which is of course fine and very nice, but I would like to know how to build a production release using the sources, so I can try to make it run on FreeBSD as my last resource.

May someone give me a few pointers, please?

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Hi @caiocco,

that sounds like an interesting project, I really don’t know if it will work though.

Yes that is possible, all you need to do is to use the appropriate base version (Eclipse 2021-03 for KNIME AP 4.6) and add the update site in the install software dialog. Then you can install the AP features into the Eclipse you started.

To build your own AP follow the instructions here:

If you need any more pointers, let me know :slight_smile:



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