Fuzzy lookup/joiner (Regex?)

Hi thanks for you comment. Maybe I did not explain my problem clear enough, as I think we are talking about different things here.

So I have two streams of data, one which is my masterdata and another one with that has data I want to lookup (through a joiner (usually):

My master data has a column we’ll call Column A containing thousands of lines with partnumbers.
My other stream of data has a column we’ll call Column B, containg thousands of lines with partnumbers but also some that have wildcards. There is also an additional column which is the data that I want to retrieve from it to join to my masterfile.

However if I do the Joiner node (keys: Column A & Column B) it will of course not match the partnumbers with wildcards in them. So I am looking for a method to account for wildcards, represented with an “X”. X being any possibility from 0 to 9.

I hope this makes sense, otherwise I’ll make a screenshot in KNIME tomorrow :slight_smile: