FYI: Problems with the RDKit extensions on linux and KNIME 5.1.0

Dear all,

Unfortunately the RDKit extensions do not currently work with KNIME 5.1.0 on Linux.
This is due to a problem with the KNIME distribution itself, not with the RDKit nodes (:sweat_smile:), and should be fixed in the 5.1.1 release. Hopefully that will be available in the not too distant future.

Sorry for this very unfortunate problem.


Hi, I am running KNIME 5.1.1, completely updated. I tried to install the RDKit nodes (v 4.7) but to no avail. Are there working RDKit nodes for KNIME 5.1.1?


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Dear Evert,

what is the issue you are experiencing? If you cannot install them at all, could you post the install error (here I describe how to obtain it)?

I installed the nodes (see first screenshot below) and I have used the checked update sites in the second screenshot. Just so that you can double-check that you have the same update sites.

Lastly, which OS?

Best regards


This is on Linux Lite 6.6 which is essentially identical to Ubuntu 22.04 (but you can never be 100% sure). It seemed that there was a conflict with the Vernalis nodes, which has the same package installed? I could fix it by first uninstalling the Vernalis nodes, then add RDKit nodes, and then reinstall Vernalis. After this it looks like as in the attached image. The nodes are there and I assume they work as intended (not tested yet).

Kind regards/Evert


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