Generic ECharts View - Display of Custom Charts from Examples Gallery

Hey @armingrudd,

this is in reference to the topic that we discussed during the training today.
We were trying to display the following visual:

The issue was that only a black screen was shown in the ECharts Interactive View.
As agreed, would you please check with the developer team what the correct handling of the node is, so that 3d graphics can also be included in dashboards?


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Hey @chrisbchicken,

for the 3D charts of Echarts there is an additional library required that we current do not include.
We will check if it makes sense to include the library and I will let you know once I know more details.



Hi @armingrudd- Generic echarts does have option or output port for image download… how can we download the image output in SVG/PNG format . Direct route other then reporting route.

Hi @AnilKS,

You can add “Save as image” to the view by adding this to the “option” object:

  toolbox: {
    feature: {
      saveAsImage: {
        name: "default_name",
        show: true,
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