Generic Java Script View node does not recognize an external library

Dear Knimers

I’m setting a minimalist workflow with an example on how to visualize a table using the Generic Java Script View node based on the DataTables library rendering. Unfortunately and for a reason I do not yet know, I believe the library is not recognized and I get the following error displayed on the debugging console of the Interactive View:

I tried to get inspired by previous thread bootstrap-table.js in Generic JavaScript View where @ptrwlr, @AnotherFraudUser, @swebb and @AlexanderFillbrunn participated and gave hints but I’m still struggling.

The workflow is the following:

20210528 Pikairos DataTables Integration Example.knwf (754.3 KB)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.



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Hi @aworker,

I tried it with the logic of these two examples - but couldn’t get it to work either :frowning:
(but maybe I also did something wrong - maybe someone of the others are able to help :slight_smile: )

But would also be interessted in a possible solution :+1:


Hi @AnotherFraudUser,

Thanks a lot @AnotherFraudUser for your prompt answer and the links to other similar issues. I had a look at those and I neither could get it solved. Most probably, this problem just needs a right setting so the solution may not be very far from what the workflow is already achieving.

Other hints or possible solutions would be really welcome :slight_smile: !

Thanks & regards,


Dear Knimers & KNIME Team Members,

Any takers for this challenging problem ?

The rendering should be the following :

But I get the following result

because the DataTables library is not recognized, as shown below:

The faulty workflow is the following:

20210528 Pikairos DataTables Integration Example

Thanks in advance for your precious help :slight_smile: !

Best regards,


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Hi Ael,
I am not sure yet why and how, but I got it to work :slight_smile:
You need to add the following lines before the $${SdataTables}$$ line:

var define = null;
var module = null;

With this I disable certain loading mechanisms for JS packages, but according to some console.log() outputs, those should be undefined anyways. If a JS expert can shed some more light on this, I would be happy to hear the reason :smiley:
Kind regards,


Hi @AlexanderFillbrunn

It works, I love it :heart_eyes:! Extremely thankful for your help :smiley: :+1: ! There are things either you know or you can really get mad :crazy_face: and old before guessing what is going on lol :rofl: !

Thanks again & all the best,



Hi Knimers,

Just for completness, I’m posting here the workflow amended with @AlexanderFillbrunn fix:

20210531 Pikairos DataTables Integration Example.knwf (760.6 KB)

Hope this is of help to others in the forum.




Hi @aworker,

In your workflow, you have created (HTML Based) a generic table with table creator node and used in Generic JavaScript View node. I wonder that can I convert a knime data table into HTML format to use in GJV Node like you did?


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