Generic Javascript Plotly.js trellised heatmap to view and annotate interactively

Hi all
I am trying to create an interactive heatmap using the generic javascript view node. The input data is structured in 4 columns, one of which is the grouping parameter I would like to use to create a trellised view (subplots). I managed to create a scatter plot, but not to split the data into the plate_id groups for the subplots. I tried to do it in the layout section of the template provided using

type: ‘groupby’,
groups: PLATE_ID,

The data can be visualized using the plate heatmap viewer for convenience (This is the view I would like to re- create using the generic js node).

I have included screenshots and the KNIME wf.

Can anyone help me with the correct syntax?

Your input is very much appreciated!

InteractiveHeatmapForumExample.knwf (97.9 KB)
Forum question interactive heatmap.docx (205.2 KB)

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Hi @GreenGripper,

I’m not sure if I understand your problem correctly, but can’t you simply split your data based on your Plate_ID before the Generic JavaScript View? You can then use one Generic JavaScript View node for each PlateID and combine them in a Component to get the combined view on all of them.
Let me know if that solves your problem.

Kind regards,

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