Geoanalysis: trade area

I have two datasets with coordinates of places. As a first step I would like to carry out an analysis where I use data set A to create trade areas, of e.g., 10 km, around the coordinates. As a second step I would like to identify which coordinates from data set B that are located within this trade area.


Alternatively, I would like to create a distance matrix where I use data set A to find the coordinates in data set B that are 10 km away.


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Not directly what you're trying to do, but maybe helpful as first impulse:

Here's an example workflow ("Pizza connection") on clustering geo coordinates using the Haversine distance and k-Medoids:

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I did have a look at this example, on another topic, and unfortunately it is not what I'm trying to do. 

Alteryx has a better GeoAnalysis function on their trade area.

Strongly recommend KNIME to implement something similar.
Check below link

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Would you please attached Pizza Connection link again?

Your link did not work now.

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Are you looking for this
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I also come from using Alteryx Designer, hope this can help you and/or you can help update this tool mapping sheet: