Geographic visualization of author data from PubMed articles

Hello! My goal is to take specific journal articles from pubmed using the pubmed document parser node, and to extract the location data from each of the journals so that I can map them geographically to understand where certain types of research is being done. I am having problems finding the location data even though the pubmed parser node is able to differentiate the journals based on location key words.

Is there a way to extract this location data?

Hi benbruno,

suggest you have a look at the Palladian nodes, especially the geo category. The Location Extractor should be very helpful for you:

It’ll extract and disambiguate location mentions in unstructured text (no need to do any text processing beforehand) and map them to latitude/longitude coordinates. It works for continent, country, city, zip code, street, street number, political/administrative units, regions, POIs, landmarks, and more.

I recently wrote about a use case here on the forums:

Hope it’s helpful. Let me know how it goes!