GeoTools Component View bug

I am adding my post here:

The component view is structured as follows.

However, the display always shows the Local Moran I scatterplot. Although it is not included in the layout. I’ve recreated the layout several times. Always the same.

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Hello PatrikS,

Can you try unchecking the plot?
You can do it from the first tab ‘Node Usage’ to disable it from the final interactive view.

Something similar to below :

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Hello k10shetty1,

I’ve looked at it, but nothing is displayed for the node that generates the scatterplot.

Hello PatrikS,

I am sorry for the late reply. The new views (including the matplotlib created view in the Local Moran’s I node) do not appear in the node usage tab yet. So there is currently no option to hide them.


Hi @PatrikS -

We’ve created a new ticket to log this issue (UIEXT-863). Thanks for your reporting the issue!

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