Get API call using Bearer Token.

Hi Team,

Can someone please help me in configuring a Get Request node. where I have created Bearer Token and pass through the Get node. However I got the 401 error. where as same token working in postman and i got the 200 ok in postman tool.

Here is my config in Get request Node:

Thanks in advance.

Hello Team,
I’m new to KNIME platform, i’m able to generate the Bearer token by using Postman tool to pass thought the below attributes.
Client Id, client secret key, grant-type:“client_credentials”, type:x-www-form-urlencoded and also added .cer & .key certificates in settings.
However, I’m unable to find all these options in post request node in KNIME.
Can someone help me, how to generate Bearer token via post request in KNIME.

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Hi @kotlapullareddy

Regarding how to generate the bearer, there is some reference material on the forum from other users who had the same issue. Client Id, client secret key, etc. can go directly into the request body as flat text.

Looking at the ADP documentation for the endpoint you’re trying to reach, you probably also need to pass the Content-Type application/json parameter in the request header.

Thanks for your help @ArjenEX , by default “Content type”: application/json,

They also mention:

Can you try using the SSL checkboxes in the POST request connection settings:


@ArjenEX : already these were selected,

May I know, how to add the .cer & .key certificated into KNIME environment rather than local PC?.

Looks like something for the keystore:

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