GET Request Authentication Credential Weirdness

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I’ve been struggling to use some sort of credentials input in my workflow to work with the GET Request node to retrieve data via an API from our internal system (so I can share the workflow with colleagues without giving my credentials away to everybody to see).

My plan was to use the Credentials Input node to store my credentials (semi?) safe in a variable and insert them in the GET Request node authentication. If I manually insert my credentials in the GET node with the Digest authentication method, all seems to be working perfectly, however it did not work at all with the credentials variable. Luckily the 4.0 version of the GET node allowed for a NTLM (Labs) authentication method, which seems to be working perfectly and according to my plan… however…

In my test with 13 working API queries with the manual credentials input, I noticed one query was constantly returning an empty body (but did have a status 200). The only difference between the queries are the dates and the query is working fine when using it in Python.

Any ideas what is going on?
Also why would manual credentials input work, but not with the credentials input node?

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That’s unexpected result. May i ask for some clarifications:

  • do you intend to save your credentials in the workflow such that those are re-used by other users or are users supposed to enter their credentials?
  • why do you use Digest or NTLM (Labs) authentication method instead of Basic? Are there some external constraints? I was able to use credentials as a variable to authenticate in the REST calls with the Basic method in the past.
  • when do you see the flow-variable credentials not working? does it happen in AP in general or it works in AP locally but fails on the Server?
  • could you please elaborate how do you test it? Did you have 13 GET Request nodes that you executed all together? Did you test it once or multiple times? If former, what happens if you redo the test? If latter, is it the same query that gets empty package back, i.e. how consistent are outcomes of the test?
  • do those queries access the same resource? If so, what happens if there are concurrent requests, if you try to run a couple of GET nodes simultaneously?

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did you manage to resolve the problem? If not, could you please share further details such that we can understand the situation better and help you to solve it?

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