GET Request node help

Hello Everyone,
So I am attempting to interact with my company’s internal tool and connect it to KNIME.

Here is a little information on the API configuration.

To be able to use the tool’s External Services API, one needs to include an API key in the
HTTP request. This is done by specifying an authorization header in this format:
Authorization: Bearer
where is the API key without brackets.

I have used GET Request node for this but I’m unable to connect to the tool and extract information.
Please connect with me to get further information about URL, host, port and endpoint.

Hi @24Sushma,

I think you can find your answer here:



I had used the same properties for Authorization header.

Problem is that when I see the GET Results, I’m seeing a question mark in red color in the body column instead of seeing the result of the API
Status column is 400 (so no errors)
Content type is: text/html

What else can be wrong?

Indeed, status code 400 means “bad request”. So, please double check your request URL.

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Does checking the “Trust all certificates” option in configuration dialog of the node solve the issue?


Yes, It is working now. Thank you.

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