Getting started with time series


I apologise if it was asked already, please provide the links to the previous question then.

I am looking for how to get started with time series in Knime (having very limited experience in other libraries, like Fb Prophet), so I am looking for a really simple sample workflow and links to tutorials and some guidance. I have a dataset to which I want to apply it.

I could find misc info on your site, but feel kind of confused now

Many thanks

@polina_l there is a dedicated book as well as examples on the KNIME Hub you could begin with

Codeless Time Series Analysis with KNIME

KNIME Hub Space - Codeless Time Series Analysis with KNIME

(the examples from the book)

Tutorial: Introduction to Time Series Analysis

Time Series Analysis with KNIME — an introduction

Time Series Analysis Workshop

Time Series Analysis with the KNIME Analytics Platform


a good addition might be this recent discussion

Meet the Experts - Time Series Analysis

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