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Hi, I downloaded a Geo Tif map file with metadata and I have not been able to open/visualise it in Knime. The metadata is in xml and I believe the geo tif map file this is a raster file. I have used the image viewer and could not see the map nor extract the metadata (see attached). The Tif map file is about 720 Mb of a country showing vegetation and agriculture. At least if I can extract the metadata in a table that would be great but reading the file and metadata in KNIME would be best. Or convert this map file into shape file or something. Any help or suggestions please? Thanks
OSO_20210101_RASTER_V1-0_MTD_ALL.xml (11.1 KB)

Hi @Leedsbash7,

Would you explain a bit more what exactly you are trying to do?
As far as I understood, you want to visualize a few locations on a map, right?
Have you tried the Geospatial Analytics extension in KNIME?
For example, you can convert Lat/Lon to geometry points and then visualize them on the map.

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Thanks for getting back to me. I have the extension and I am able to convert lat/long to geometry, etc. I believe what I am asking is not yet possible in knime. I have downloaded a GeoTif file (720 Mb). It has the map of a country along with the metadata (the land use data with respect to agriculture, landscape, roads, living areas, etc). The metadata is in xml or Geojason. I thought the image viewer node would be able to load the image as well as extract the metadata as the configuration of the node seems to provide this option. But the node fails. Hence my question is whether this can be possible in current or future release. I need to overlay chemical analysis data (confidential) onto the land use data to visualise then conduct my analysis. Is this possible?

The GeoFile Reader node from Geospatial Analytics can read GeoJSON format. Have you tried this node?
After reading the .geojson you can use Geospatial View for visualization.

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Thanks for this. The geoTif file I have is a raster file, I have yet to find a geoJason one, apologies for the confusion. I found the alternative vector file although the resolution is 20m compared to 10m for raster file. I have been able to use vector files in Knime and it works. However, I understand that the raster file has more metadata and therefore provide better confidence in the visualised data. Hence, my question is can Knime handle raster files currently or this will be added in the near future? Thank you.

Hello @Leedsbash7 ,
as of now KNIME Analytics Platform does not support geospatial raster images. We might support them in the future but this hasn’t been decided yet.

Hi Tobias,
Thanks for the update - much appreciated. The GIS data analysis in Knime would be incomplete without capability to handle raster file. I advocate that this is prioritised for release within 12 months. Thank you.

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