Grant users other than admin to review jobs executed by schedule

Hi all,

We have numerous workflows on a schedule, but at the moment only the admin user has access to review the jobs (with the KNIME Remote Workflow Editor for Executor extension). In case an error occurrs, only the admin will be able to read the full job and related logs.

Is there a possibility to grant access to the jobs for specific users? In our ideal scenario if an issue occurs on during a job, we will assign a task to one of our users (not the admin) to validate and resolve the issue in the workflow (with use of the KNIME Remote Workflow Editor for Executor extension)

I’ve found a topic on the forum from 2020 in which it was mentioned a feature request was created. Could you give me an update on this request?




I believe the closest currently-open feature request is SRV-3600. It is open and unassigned, but I don’t have detailed information about when or where it may be on developers’ roadmap. I can add your request to the defect for additional weight to the topic.


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Thanks Nickolaus, that would be great. This would be very helpful for us.

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