Viewing and administrating other users' jobs

Hi everybody,

I would like to know how can I see jobs from other users’ workflows, or the jobs that have already run or scheduled by others user.

My situation: I have a folder in the server with some workflows in there, and there are users that have access of this folder (write, execute and read). When I run a workflow, immediately it creates a job showing the status of it, but this job I am the only one that can see it. It will be great for me if a scheduled workflow can be edited by someone else, rather than depending only to the creator of the schedule (in this case, myself).

Is there anyway that a user of a folder can have access to scheduled jobs and running jobs from other users of the folder, allowing them to edit the schedule, view or delete jobs? Or it is possible?

I am not the admin of the server, so if there any additional permission that I should request, let me know!

I’d really appreciate your help!

Background information:
KNIME Server version: 4.9

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Hi @Ultraman

Jobs are only visible by Admins and the creator of the job. So there is no possibility to see those jobs if you are neither of the two.

We have a feature request open to give others permissions on changing scheduled jobs. I will add your request to this one.

Best regards, Iris


Thanks a lot!

I will be glad to be inform about it!


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