Grey Area in Knime Workflow Editor

Hey qualer,

When i maximise it it only goes to half width, see screenshot

Well that is just cuckoo-banana.

If i provided you with a patch jar so that we could dump some diagnostic logging, would you feel technically comfortable copying it in to your KNIME install (following instructions similar to this: Workflow freeze & graphics problems with KNIME 3.7 )?

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Hi quaeler, yes i can give it a go. Thanks for helping out!


Ok, give me a day or two to figure out what I want to ask your KAP, code it, and make a jar. Presuming you’re in Europe given when you post, I’ll likely have a jar by your Friday morning.


Yes i am, speak later this week


There is a patch jar here: (or if you have supervising software that doesn’t like JAR files to be downloaded). It also includes the fixes dealing with freezes under Windows so that it won’t be an issue of concern when troubleshooting this issue.

After downloading the jar, in KNIME make a new workspace and switch to that workspace. Quit KNIME, then:

  • on Windows using Explorer, find your knime_3.7.0\plugins\org.knime.workbench.editor_3.7.0.v201811301425 directory
  • on Mac right-click / ctrl-click on the KNIME and choose ‘Show Package Contents’. Navigate to the Contents/Eclipse/plugins/org.knime.workbench.editor_3.7.0.v201811301425 directory

in this directory, rename the existing editor.jar (like editor_jar.bak) so that you still have it around if you want to revert. Then copy the downloaded editor.jar into this directory and run KNIME.

Once KNIME is finished launching, make a new workflow (this should be the first workflow in your new workspace.) To dump diagnostics one time, click the “Show Node Ids” button in the toolbar (the one with an eye and “#ID” below it) - it is also available via the Node menu.
The console will print a message telling you where on your filesystem you can find the file with the dump, like:

WARN  ShowNodeIdsAction               Will dump diagnostics...
WARN  ShowNodeIdsAction               The diagnostics log has been written to [/some/file/path] please rename it appropriately before shipping it off - thanks.

The information collected is mostly anonymous; there will potentially be a file path listed to a jar - if you would like to redact this, please preserve the path atoms (e.g C:\Users\bob_roberts\workspaces\RAND_project_A\...C:\Users\XXXX\workspaces\XXXX\...)

Please collect diagnostics for the following situations and rename each generated file to reflect these (perhaps using their numbers.)

  1. maximized application window, normal editor
  2. maximized application window, maximized editor
  3. regular window, normal editor
  4. regular window, maximized editor

Lastly, please put these 4 diagnostic files (redacted as you see fit,) along with the knime.log from your new workspace, into a ZIP file and attach it to your next reply in this thread.

Thank you for your help - hopefully this helps us figure out what is going wrong, or at least the next question to ask.


Hi qualer, see attached diagnostics jar. Please let me know if you need anything else

knime (10.7 KB)

Thanks for the ZIP file; in it, you included a log configuration file (log4j3.xml) but I was hoping for you to include the knime.log file that is in the .metadata/knime directory where your new workspace was created. Could you include that as well?

Also, just to verify - these diagnostic dumps were created after just launching KNIME and making a new workflow - nothing else was done in KNIME (aside from resizing the windows as described?)

I am a new MACOs user and i have the same problem with the latest version.
The bug is not only annoying, it is a show-stopper.
it’s been almost a year and it is not yet solved.
Is someone looking at the problem?

We’ve looked at the problem but are unable to reproduce it (which is not to say that we believe it doesn’t happen for people.) Unfortunately, without a way to reproduce it, we have no way to debug (and fix) it; the diagnostics dump of the instrumented display which matteast92 provided was, again unfortunately, not illuminating.

For curiosity, if you have time, could you download Eclipse IDE for Java Developers version 4.7 from here ( ) and run it on your desktop to see if you also see this half screen issue.

Also, are you running the application on the primary monitor, or a second monitor? If a second monitor, is there a DPI difference between the two? (For example, the second monitor is not a retina monitor and your primary monitor is running in retina mode…)

Hi @centdents,
can you try with a different workspace? In my experience this can fix this bug for some people.
Just click File -> Switch Workspace and select a new folder.



Hi @gab1one,

Switching to another workspace does indeed solve the problem.
To explain how it happened to me.
I installed the latest stable version of KNIME on the latest version of MACOs (Mojave).
It opened fine. I then installed some extensions. From that moment, it started using only half a screen.
Hope this helps.


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Hello there,

just to drop info that with version 4.3.2. this is addressed and half screen problem shouldn’t happen any more. (AP-16147)

If workspace already has this issue and is opened with 4.3.2 for the first time a simple restart will fix it.