Group help with running workflows.

I need help with the group workflow and the interconnected workflow.

1- I have workflows that take data from different sources and I want them to work in a group, in order. However, if one of the workflows is a problem, the other group workflow is not running because the group workflow is not positive.
It also interferes with other workflows (progressive progress) if there is a problem in one of the workflows within the group.

(How can I solve this problem or how to solve it differently?)

2- I would like to create a loop by repeating three different group workflow processes. For example, how can I do (I would be pleased if a sample workflow was sent in this topic).

In summary; The workflow within the group needs to ensure that the workflow of the group workflow works even if there is a problem in any of them. I put the time setting as a workaround, but this is not a very good solution, because other factors such as the speed of data retrieval or connection speed from the sources may mislead the time warp.

I need a solution to make it work better.
@armingrudd Dear; Armin I’d like to take your opinion on this.
See examples of workflows as examples.


Check this post out:

You can put your groups between the error handling nodes to make sure all of them are executed successfully.


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Dear Armin @armingrudd ; How I can adapt my existing workflow groups to the sample workflow;

Can you send a short sample workflow, at your appropriate time (to adapt to group workflows)

This is easy and the whole process is explained in the video. You just have to put your nodes between the “Try” and “Catch Errors” nodes and create the same data structure in a table creator node as explained in the video.


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