Grouping by consecutive values in a column

This is my first posting to the forum - I have been working with KNIME for 9 days now, and I have already a working pretty nice workflow.

This is about ‘Weather’! I have a big difference in how many consecutive rows are missing, anything from 1 row to tens of thousands… For the future I see handling of missings being done in groups. (I have spent 1/2 year testing best options). From Linear, Forcast & recalculated NearByStations, and finally comparing pairs of older complete sets from my station with same period complete sets from NearByStations.

My problem at this point is that I want to exclude missings when they are too many for the method.

I have simplified this in the table below. - what about counting and filering out groups of equal or more then 3? Has spent last day and this morning without comming up with a solution to what nodes to use and so on.
Anyone having a solution?

Thanks, Batjesen

Here’s a solution:
Group of 3.knwf (11.2 KB)

Thank you!

I had a look at your MISSING Column Expression node and the type of coding- I understand - that’s a way to go.

However, I cannot test doing something with it I get:
“WARN MISSING Column Expressions 0:33 Node can’t be executed - Node “Column Expressions” not available from extension “KNIME Expressions” (provided by “KNIME AG, Zurich, Switzerland”; plugin “org.knime.expressions.base” is not installed)”

I did an atempt to find it but it is nowhere… I tried to install it via KNIME Extensions, but only the 3.7.0 version was there and when installing that version it stated that a newer version was already installed!
Getting nowhere fast :).

Exhausted now looking at the problem tomorrow again!



Have you checked that in the preferences for the available software update sites you only have the ones that fit your KNIME version. If there is a mixture of …/3.6 and …/3.7 locations you might have to deactivate or delete the older entries (if you run KNIME 3.7.x)

Thanks mlauber71,

Well I had missed out the https:// KNIME Update site, so I added it.

However, doing an actual update gave me this error message:PRB_2_1
Which had more info as:

I am not sure why this happens - I have not knowingly made changes that I think should have this effect?!

What else should I check?


Problem is I am still looking for a definitive list of update sites for each version of KNIME. Typically they come preinstalled after you install KNIME or after an upgrade but inbetween that they keep changing and I do not know of any official list (one that can be imported via settings).

You only could see which URLs do work and if none of them do you might have to check your proxy settings.

Yes, I also did find that the problem lies in the firewall - I saw a reference in the FAQ stating that some things have to do with Eclipse settings! Will try to fix that!

You could see if these settings might help you:

Thanks mlauber71!

It really worked! I have 15-25mbps mobile network line, so it’s rather slow - sometimes slower than that!
Now I can continue back to the original problem…

Many thanks from Batjesen :smile: