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How do I obtain an H2O license? Their website displays the license agreement, but no clear way to apply for a license.

Do you mean the open source version of H2O.ai or the commercial Driverless AI?

For the last one why not just contact their sales team? They offer a 21-day free trial. And as you might have noticed KNIME does support both the open source version and Driverless AI.


Got a temporary license. Regression model runs to CSV Reader (Node #474) which tries to read from this location:


Can you provide the file so I can install it locally? The classification model has a similar issue.

These points:

  • you might have to reset the H2O workflow so it would use your own paths
  • the workflow is based on a sample file of house prices and the validation is based on a few minutes of model time just to illustrate the results. It would do little to solve a real-world problem (that would take much more time and preparation of your data)
  • the file is in the subfolder /model/validate of the workflow
  • the workflow does use the open-source version of H2O.ai AutoML as described in the article below, there you will also find details about the validation which the mentioned file is a part (about variable importance)
  • included in the workflow is a PDF in the /script/ subfolder with documentation “H2O.ai AutoML in KNIME for regression problems.pdf”
  • if you want to use the Driverless AI you should follow their installation instructions and connect it to KNIME (check out the links provided or the examples 1|2)

In general it would make sens to familiarize yourself with the concept of KNIME file handling and paths

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