Help adding new rows of return data by date

Hey everyone!

I recently found KNIME and it has changed how I do almost everything that used to be done in excel and the community has been incredibly helpful. I have a pretty simple (I think) problem I am trying to solve.

I have one file that has dates in column A and in column B,C, D etc. are the returns for the ETFs with all historical returns. I have another file I update weekly and pull automatically from Bloomberg that will give me the most recent returns setup in the same format. I want to automatically add the new week of return data to the master file which has decades of returns.

How do I add the new rows of return data to the correct securities? Please let me know if I need to clarify.

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Hi @sberhalter
Doesn’t using “Concatenate” node help you? I think your question is similar to this question. If not, please explain more. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @sberhalter,

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The file where you keep your data, which format is it? If it’s .csv file then you can make use of append functionality CSV Writer offers. Otherwise standard approach is to read historic data into KNIME, concatenate with new data and then write it out.


Hey, sorry you are correct. Concatenate worked and then I had trouble removing the duplicates because of a mismatch in variable type. You guys are great thank you!

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