Selenium Facebook Workflow


has any one seen this error?

ERROR Click                0:42       Execute failed: unknown error: Element is not clickable at point (81, 67). Other element would receive the click: <a class="fbxWelcomeBoxBlock fbxWelcomeBoxSmallLeft fbxWelcomeBoxProfilePicBlock _8o _8r lfloat _ohe" aria-hidden="true" data-gt="{&quot;bmid&quot;:682993714,&quot;count&quot;:0,&quot;count_details&quot;:&quot;&quot;,&quot;bookmark_type&quot;:&quot;type_self_timeline&quot;}" href="[]?ref=bookmarks" tabindex="-1">...</a>





Hi mike,

in Chrome there seems to be a popup window asking for notification permissions. This can currently not be cirumvented using a workflow. Switching to a different browser solves the issue for now.

HTH, Philipp


had another look at the workflow, obviously there was also an outdated locator specified. Please re-download the example workflow, then it should work. Before running, please also make sure to update to the latest Selenium Nodes release, which fixes above mentioned issue with notification permission.


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