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Good morning,

I have troubles figuring out using a loop. I have a folder with 20+ files, all with the same structure, and the same titel-structure. My goal is to concatenate all these files, but first include parts of the title as seperate columns. So I need to read file1, add columns with values from the title, read file2, add columns, concatenate the files etc.

Can anyone give me a hint how to start this flow?



Can you provide sample data and example of outcomes?

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Hello @Sander_vdv,

just to add info that there are reader nodes that don’t require loop as they have option to read multiple files from same folder. But to see if it could be used in your case check @Gavin_Attard question :wink:



This sounds like the questions we have discussed here:

Maybe you check that out or you could provide us a sample workflow that shows us your problem like @Gavin_Attard has already suggested.

Hi @Sander_vdv

In this workflow filename_in_columnname.knwf (42.2 KB)

multiple files are read in. A part of the file name is used to add to the column name.
Screenshot from 2020-09-18 19-36-00
Does this help?

gr. Hans


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