Help to connect a database to Knime


I’m new in Knime, I want to connect it with a database that is .DBC, but I’m having problems finding how to connect it with Knime.

Can you tell me which nodule I have to use? In case I have to add a new driver how to get it?

Thank you so much!

Hello @enriquesr23,

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If you are talking about CAN bus database then you don’t need database nodes nor JDBC driver to read .dbc files into KNIME. You can use File Reader (Complex Format) node to read it into KNIME in one column. However you’ll have to create logic in KNIME based on decoding rules from .dbc file(s) to be able to decode data from raw files.


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I agree with @ipazin.

If you want to connect to a .dbc file, you don’t need the DB Connector node; you can use the File Reader(Complex Format) node directly.

If you want to connect to any other database, then you can use the DB Connector node.



I am trying to use the File Reader (Complex Format), but it can’t read the tables on the file I am trying to connect.

When I use the node it only shows the Row ID and another column, but I don’t find the node to get the tables of the file.

Can you tell me which is the node?

Thank you so much!

@enriquesr23 maybe we can establish what kind of database that actually is.

Then I would help if you can provide a sample file without sensitive data.

If it is not actually a Foxpro database you might have to change that and also adapt the encoding and the width of the column. That would be easier to explain with an example also.

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This is a Foxpro database, the file “sai.DBC” contents all the tables of the database.

Can you help me with an example of the file you asked?

Thnak you so much!