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I am trying to run this website ( on the WebDriver, but once it’s run, I get an empty page + 429 status on Chrome. If I try to reload, or type the website again in a different tab it still doesn’t work.

If I run it on a regular Chrome window it loads normally. I found this tool that is supposed to work with Python, is there anything similar supported for Knime?



I think I already sent you an email about this. But as it’s probably relevant to all, I’ll paste my response here:

Hi Fernando,

I have just executed one iteration of the workflow and I do not receive any errors.

Generally a 429 “too many requests” status indicates a rate limitation error. I’d guess that the page you’re accessing detects automated, bot-like behavior and thus throws the mentioned error.

There’s a couple of options:

(1) Try adding further and longer timeouts,

(2) Use a set of different proxy servers through which you perform the requests. You can configure a proxy server through the “Capabilities” section in the WebDriver Factory node; there’s an existing snippet with example configuration for that.

For clarification: You mention a tool for Python below, but I cannot find any link. Could you clarify?

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The link posted above seems to be a patched Chrome driver. You could try to build and use this through the Selenium preferences where you can select your own ChromeDriver instance, but I cannot give any support, guarantees, etc.


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@fgsantos How did it go?

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