Help with Rate Calculation

Dear @gab1one,

I have a few files with Covid data divided by cities, and some columns of these tables have binary values (e.g., “hospitalized” (Y; N); “evolution” (recovered; death)).
Also, I need to calculate the hospitalization (%) rate (=number of cases/cases that leaded patients to hospitalization100); and lethality (%) rates (=number of cases/cases that leaded patients to death100).
So, I ask for your help on how to count all values in each column, and thereafter how to calculate these rates?
The workflow is as follows:
Preproccess Covid data.knwf (211.8 KB)
BTW, I had to reset CSV reader, because the whole file wold be too big for this message, but the URL to CSV file is: < >. It was written in Portuguese, and I upload a DOCX file to explain data, column headers, translations, etc.:
Terminology for columns headers - Covid Knime Project.docx (18.8 KB)
Oh, I almost forgot to tell you: I had formerly normalized for “0” or “1” all binary values. My doubts are not on how to do this, but on counting different values, and on configuring nodes for calculating the rates.
Can you help me with this task?
Thanks in advance,

Hi @rogerius1st -

I moved your question to its own topic since the other topic was quite old, and related to correlation anyway. Let’s see if the community can help :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Scott.
Indeed, I had already seen some of your answers, and I expected to receive the needed help.
The next steps, for me, are on two points:
a) I need to plot and compare two time-series data (in two tables), with different variables, but one common primary key. Can you help me on finding the proper words to search for the adequate topic and help in the community?
b) Second, my main goal in this research is to compare general Covid’s effects (as measured by data in the first table) on a particular market, where I have applied a survey with specific metrics for evaluating customer (and cash) inflows and outflows. Can you also help me in the same approach (i.e., finding the proper words to search for the adequate topic and help in the community)?

Hi @rogerius1st -

Is this question above related to what you’re already discussing in this thread?

I think it is, yes? If so, please let me know, and I’ll close this thread to help keep the forum tidy.

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Yes, Scott. This topic is related to the former ones.
Indeed, there are still some unanswered questions, and I think I need some additional help from the Community. How should I behave in order to receive better answers? some of my questions require somewhat different approaches, and I hope that different Knimers can help me differently to solve each one of my questions…
Thank you for your attention.

I’d say continue to post your questions in the other thread, so long as they are related to your same problem. If there are particular issues with which you still need more help, post as much detail as you can so that the community has something to work with.

In the meantime I will close this thread as a duplicate.