Highlight the workflows currently open in the KNIME Explorer

In the KNIME Explorer when you have an workflow open it will only be marked with a small symbol. Would it be possible to mark this more clearly. Also it would be interesting to be able to let the system find the currently open workflow in the Explorer.

Yes, this would be useful.

Agreed. In Classic UI, you can of course find the currently open workflow in the Explorer simply by pressing the two-way arrow at the top of the Explorer panel, but no such facility exists (that I have seen )in Modern . As a result, I am constantly losing my place in Modern’s Explorer, and keep forgetting which subfolder my current workflow was in!

A secondary note is that if you have many workflows open similar start to their names, and the names are truncated in the tab at the top of the workflow, in Classic UI you can hover over the tab to see the full name of the workflow. But this facility is missing in Modern UI, and I have yet to find a way to establish the full name of a workflow in this situation.

Also, with many workflows open so that the top row of tabs cannot fit all of the names, they form a “carousel” along the top in Modern, so you drag the tab names left and right to find them all. This is ok, except that there is no visual clue that you have many other flows open (unlike with classic where the double-chevron >> button appears).