How can I solve? File access problems: (No such file or directory) in KNIME

Not able to save the workflow due to file access problems:

File access problems: /private/var/folders/lp/1xljbpsn7lxc1z3q0g1526sw0000gn/T/knime_KNIME_thesis ta20967/knime_container_20220511_10904445755801764915.bin.snappy (No such file or directory)

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The issue seems to be related to snappy compression and similar issues has been identified earlier and some of the discussions in the forum are mentioned as below. Hope the below information helps you to overcome your issue.

Also, you can try changing the compression to (GZIP or NONE) by passing the value to the parameter in your knime.ini file as described below.

Disk Storage

KNIME compresses tables written to disk to reduce the amount of occupied disk space. By default, KNIME uses the Snappy compression algorithm to compress its tables. However, KNIME can be configured to use GZIP compression or no compression scheme at all via the parameter in the knime.ini file.

Nagarjun S

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