How can I specify Shift F8 and Shift F7 in my Windows batch command to ensure my KNIME workflows tuns as expected?

Dear community, please review attached document that describes my issue with running a KNIME workflow using the Custom CSV writer node in windows batch command mode.
Batch command to run KNIME workflow.docx (1.4 MB)

Hi @peter_lambros , does this post help?

That was powershell but the solution ought to be the same I think

Hello takbb; I already have specified the -reset option in my batch file. I am trying to foce the Shift F8 and Shift F7 to ensure every node is reset and then all are executed to create the unique file each time. I am not sure if the issue is with the Custom CSV Writer node??

Hi @peter_lambros , my apologies. I just reread your doc and now see the -reset option in your script.

If you temporarily replace the “Custom csv writer” component with a regular csv writer node, (using an alternative output folder so as not to corrupt your existing output folder) and run it using your batch script, do you see the modification timestamp of the csv file being updated each time? Just trying to prove that it does execute in batch.

If the Custom CSV Writer is not writing, my suspicion would be that an error is occurring that is specific to the batch environment. I think that is more likely than that it is not executing at all.

Hi Takbb, thanks for your reply. Yes, when I use a regular CSV writer node and run using batch script, the CSV file is updated and I can see in the date modified clolumn in windows file explorer, the date/time as when I ran my batch command.
What I noticed is that when i place the Custom CSV writer node back in the workflow, dis-connect the regular csv writer node and re-run the bacth, the file is generated not based on what I specified in the custom csv node, which has a different filename, but it creates the file based on what I had previously specified on my regular csv node??

Is there a preferences file or INI file that I need to modify to ensure only the current workflows are run? I even saved the workflow on a different folder and re-created the batch script but to no avail. Every time the batch script runs, either automatically or manually, the file that is created is based on what I had prviously specified under my regular csv writer node. I have also tried re-starting and starting the task service in my windows scheduler but to no avail either.

What exactly is this “custom csv writer” component

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Good morning Daniel. I found reference to this component from other user forum posts. What this component does as per its help menu is as follows:
“This component can be used to write a csv file with a proper file naming convention. It appends the execution date and time to the file name with every execution.”

The various nodes that make up this component are as per attached screen-shot.

Hi all. I have managed to get my batch script to work. What I discovered was that my workflow file had not been exported after the relevant changes I was making in my KNIME editor, and consequently the batch script file was using an older workflow version. Thank you all for your time and efforts to assist

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