How input data follow excel format

I have 2 raw data as below , it query by SQL, I want to use knime to combine these 2 data and send by email ,but I try to combine by python script append function , I found there are many “?” ,it is not what I expect format ,I have no ideas for this ,thanks.
Example.xlsx (137.8 KB)

Hi @Caibing , good thing you uploaded your file as your screenshot does not reflect what’s in the file.

The RED “?” in Knime is only to indicate that it’s a NULL value. If you export this to Excel, they will simply be empty cells. If they were black “?” like the values that are in the other cells that are black too, they would indicate an actually string of “?”.

So, when it’s RED “?” in Knime, it simply means NULL.

I don’t know if the issue that you have is only about the “?” or if you also have issues with the “combine” (you do not mention any issues related to combining), but you can also use the Joiner node to do what you are trying to do.

sorry for your confuse,for raw data2,due to raw data column “problem” is storage as 1 column,but for entire table,raw1 and raw data2 need align,so column " problem" need extend to 3 columns from one column, i doe know how to merge these 3 columns

Hi @Caibing,
looking on your excel data. The issue you mention occurs for an entry which has a span over 3 rows.
I would suggest first split this entrie in their 3 rows and compare those result with that KNIME provides.

I assume the entry for the Line ID E12 then also only appears in one row in Excel and KNIME still reflects exactly this information.

The problem is now does the entry is allways in the first row for such combined cells or not.
If yes you can solve it while using missing value node and get data from previous row.
If this is not the case then i have my doubts that you can handle this accurate.


@morpheus,thanks for your reply,for your mention,i can handle by miss value node,for another red rectangle mention,for alignment,raw2 column C,D,E need merge as Excel function

Try following steps.
Split columns C, D and E out, unpivot them (skip rows containing missing cells activated), use groupby node with RowIDs as group criteria and aggregate ColumnValues with concatenate. Join the results back.


I still have no ideas for this ,I attach knime & raw data, could you help check ,thanks

Example.xlsx (123.5 KB)
LCA_daily report.knwf (10.3 KB)

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