How to access pdf files from Microsoft Sharepoint using tika parser or pdf parser

How to access pdf files from microsoft sharepoint using tika parser or pdf parser


not quite sure if the Tika Parser Node can access SharePoint files directly but the following should work in any case:

  1. Open Connection to SharePoint
    SharePoint Online Connector — NodePit

  2. Add Transfer Files Node Source File System (press … in the lower left corner of the node)
    Transfer Files — NodePit

  3. Load files to a local directory

  4. Do the Tika Parsing

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i don’t want to import file to local system any other suggest


currently, the Tika Parser does not support adding filesystem connections. Hence, it is limited to loading local files.
We do plan on updating the node in an upcoming version, though I can’t say when this will occur.

For now, I recommend @AnotherFraudUser’s approach. In the Transfer Files you can specify to store the file relative to the current server or workflow, so that you don’t need to change the configuration between your local pc and the server.

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