How to Auto execute KNIME Workbooks (Scheduler) using Python/R/Other?


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Does anyone know how to auto run/execute KNIME Nodes or KNIME Workflows using Python/R/Other Software? Similar to how Alteryx has a scheduler option, is there a way to schedule Workflows in KNIME?

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You could use the KNIME server and less comfortable the Windows Task scheduler or MacOS Automator with KNIME batch workflow.

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Thanks for the below. I tried running it through the Task Scheduler, but I am not successful. Any change you have a step by step guide? Since the way I am doing it is not working for me.



Hi Eduardo,

Executing KNIME workflows from Python can be done using knimepy. It has no auto-scheduling options, though, so you would need to implement that yourself. (Which should be relatively straightforward, I believe. E.g., using a Timer or the sched module.)




Hi @MarcelW

Thanks for your response. I am not actually able to get it working. Any chance you have an example of how you got KNIMEPY and Micrsoft’s task working together?



You would have to combine a Windows Task (scheduler) with running KNIME in Batch mode.

I do not have a complete example on windows machine ready at the moment. Maybe you start by building a KNIME batch workflow and have that up and running and then

Once that is running you connect that bat(ch) file to a Task scheduler. From my experience some trial and error is necessary with Windows Task Scheduler.