How to change the name in community forum?

Hi, I want to change my name (there should be a space between my name and surname), can anyone help me doing this.

Do you mean your user name " omprakashjena"?
I think this is unable to change by ourselves in the preferance configs.

Hi @omprakashjena

Changing of your actual name on your profile was previously possible but only by requesting it be changed for you… see here

I don’t know if it can still be done though
@Iris ?

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We unfortunately do not support the change of usernames. And it is not possible to use a space in your username.

Sorry! Iris

Hi @Iris, I may be wrong but I think @omprakashjena is referring to his actual (real) name on his profile rather than his username, just like on mine I have a username of takbb but my real name on my profile is showing as Brian Bates which you kindly set for me.
Or is this no longer possible?

Maybe @omprakashjena can confirm this is what is being requested

Hi @Iris / @takbb - I want to change my name not the user name. My current username is fine. But the name should be “Omprakash Jena”.

Hello! I just recently created a KNIME account and my full name was also automatically set to be the same as my username. @Iris is there a way to update my full name?

Courtney Ciarrocca