How to compare codes with knime?

Dear Knimer,

I want to upgrade a software component and it needs to compare more than 1000 separate files.
( compare old version and new version files )
It would be possible to compare one by one with the notepad ++ compare extension, while I would like to automate this process by knime flow. Is there any idea to run it?

Most of the codes has 99% similarity, And just I want to find out the differentiate between files.

Hi natanzi,

yes, if you got a :hammer: , everything might look like a nail, but why not try this with a more appropriate tool? I would just add this as two commits to a blank Git repo and get the diff (optionally ignoring whitespaces changes if needed).

git init
# add old files here
git add -A && git commit -m "old version"
# add changed files here
git add -A && git commit -m "new version"
git diff HEAD~1

And if you really want to get back to the hammer, there’s even some Git nodes for KNIME:

Fingers crossed!


In case you’re not really into Git, this topic came up two months ago as well and some suggestions were mentioned there.


Dear @ArjenEX

Thanks, I checked this topic and try to find out how to config the nodes, specially how to use the " File Difference Checker node"

Thanks for you replay, I really not into Git:) I will try. Thanks.
About Node pit, I have find “File Difference Checker node” , and try to find out the way for use it.

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