How to create an array of String values to be used by Table Creator


Referencing the topic " pass variable to Table creator node", I have doubts regarding how to create an array of String values in order to be used by Table Creator component.

In fact, I need to use those Strings in certain cells on Table Creator. In this case, how can I reference them?


Hi @gcfleury -

Can you provide a bit more information about what you’re trying to do - maybe an example input and output table? Right now it’s unclear to me what you’re after.

Hi @gcfleury,

Here I have an example workflow in which I have created a table automatically using flow vars:

var_to_table_creator.knwf (50.7 KB)

If you want to assign values to a specific cell, just keep the order of the values row wise and in the table creator node, leave other cells with no value. or create empty values for these cells from the beginning.

In the example workflow, I have included both approaches. I hope this helps.



Hi @armingrudd,

Yes, that solved my doubt. In fact I wasn’t aware that the Cell Splitter node could produce the list as a result.

Thank you so much for the attention and examples provided.



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