How to do an IF/LOOKUP from two sources?

I’m wondering if any of you would know how to do the following?
I have this “Table 1” which indicates a between range of dates and a “Result” column.

And I also have this “Table 2” which is my main data.

I need to find a way to include a new column in my “Table 2” with the “Result” value column in table 1 depending on which range of dates each row belongs to taking as a reference the “Initiated Date” column.

Hi @elnicocruz and welcome to the KNIME community

If my understanding is correct, you are wanting to join Table 2 to Table 1 where the Initiated Date is between 1st Day and Last Day.

Unfortunately, the standard joiner nodes in KNIME which you would normally use for performing joins do not include range-matching.

However, you are not the first (and won’t be the last) to want to do this. As it happens, I recently added some components to the hub to provide a workaround here.

One such component is

It’s newly written in the past few days but I think it should work for you.
Take a look at (the initial part of) this thread for some background


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