How to execute my workflow automatically

How can I make my workflow get executed automatically everyday at a fixed time?

Hi @lama12345 , there are 2 ways you can do this, and I explain it in this thread:

@bruno29a i read the thread but i still dont understand what to do and what is a command line? My knowledge about software and stuff like that is very limited so can you pls give me elaborated steps! Thank you :smiley:

Also someone said I can use an infinite loop with the wait node, is this a practical option?

Hi @lamasewidan

Personally, I always advise against doing this. I would rather have a workflow run every x minutes instead, which can be done via the 2 methods I explained in the other thread (Via a Knime server, or via your Windows/Linux/MacOS scheduler that can execute your workflow via the Command line).

The problems I have with running the job via an infinite loop are:
o Your Knime AP has to be opened for it to run
o It can be resource intensive memory-wise, with Knime keeping track of the iterations
o Should there be any problem, such as system running low on resources, and the workflow crashes, you need to manually restart the workflow. Imagine this happening in the middle of the night. With the scheduler, the workflow will run at the next schedule automatically

BTW, are you the same person as @lama12345 ?

o Oh, and you would have to also implement the scheduler within the workflow in order to control when the workflow should run

@bruno29a That makes sense. Ok can you explain the method through which I use my windows scheduler but can u put in mind I dont know what a windows scheduler or command line is :smiley:

And yes I am the same person I just cant seem to remember the password of my other account

Hi @lamasewidan, hopefully the following post can provide some help, specifically the link that @mlauber71 included about the Windows Task Scheduler which is useful background reading.

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