how to schedule workflow on KNIME Analytics Platform

Hello All
please i need to know how i can schedule workflow to run on time or repeat it many time in KNIME Analytics Platform
Thanks in advance

Hi @aiham30 and welcome to the Knime Community.

There are mainly 2 options to do this.

  1. Via a Knime Server
  2. If you don’t have a Knime server, you can run the workflow via command line, so you can add it to your system’s scheduler (Windows scheduler for Windows, Cron for UNIX/Linux or MacOS)

Here are some documentations on how to run a workflow via the command line:


Thanks for your reply .
is it available to install Knime server localy on my laptop to test it and is there license need to buy or i can use it as trial


Hi @aiham30 , you can check the different options for Knime server here:


Knime server is also available via AWS where you can scale the price to your needs and also get a free trial. And I am sure the knime team will happily provide you with further information.


Hi @aiham30,
you can run knime in batch mode and schedule for e.g. via windows task scheduler.


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