How to filter interactively for box plots?

Hi fellow KNIMErs,

This is bugging me for quite some while: I created a Component to enable a user filtering for certain criteria and then displaying the filtered data/numbers as a (conditional) box plot.

It looks like the available box plot nodes do not have an Interactivity option as others (pie chart, scatter plot, etc). Filtering/selecting with the component does not update the box plot; it always shows the results unfiltered.

Background story: I want to see the salary distribution based on org units, job category, and salary. (Input file has org unit, job category, salary; one line per employee.)
Then I want to ask questions like “Show me distribution of salary for given job categories amongst selected org units”.
The box plot would then display boxes for each selected org unit.

Maybe there is some trick I’m not aware of? Or another node that I didn’t find?

Thanks for any pointers/hints!

@k-wizzz maybe you can take a look at this article which contains an example with a boxplot and a component for interaction:

Cool. Thanks!
So, the “only” magic that’s inside is the Refresh Button Widget, meaning that box plot has no real interactivity as other Javascript graphical nodes that share their selections/filters within a component automatically.
Instead, I do the filtering as usual (adding some interactive filtering nodes) and use the Refresh Button Widget to tell KNIME to recalculate things, right?

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