How to fix the error couldn’t connect to the browser?

I was working on selenium and when i connect the node of start web driver and the node of click at the moment i run the workspace shows the following mesagge:
“ERROR Send Keys 0:5 Couldn’t connect to the browser.”
Can someone explain me what should i do please?
Note 1: The page i was working on is the power bi login
Note 2: In the following image, in the clicked node is where comes the error

Please share a workflow which demonstrates your issue. Thanks!

Sorry, my mistake

Could you please share the actual workflow file? Otherwise this is really poking the fog. (optionally to

Otherwise here’s a pointer regarding “element not interactable”:

Here pal but for privacy reasons i cannot give the keys
And sorry if i have bad english, is not my native language
Loop Lifemiles.knwf (40.9 KB)

Thanks, that helps, and no worries about the language :slight_smile:

I executed your workflow until the after the node which fails in your case, and I do not have any issues.

  1. Which versions of the Selenium Nodes you use?
  2. What does your browser window show at the time where the node fails?
  3. Just to clarify: You did not close the browser window manually, right?


Alright Philip

  1. My version is 4.4.3
  2. Stays in the link i put in start webdriver: Power BI Sign in
  3. No

Can you please show a screenshot of this:

  1. What does your browser window show at the time where the node fails?


This looks basically the same as when I’m running it locally, so I’m running out of quick ideas.

Have you tried switching to a different browser in the WebDriver Factory? E.g. Chromium or Firefox?

What happens if you access a different page? E.g. to start with. Can you interact and extrct from this one?


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With Firefox works perfectly, thank you some much Philipp. :+1:

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Great. I do not have a reasonable explanation for that, but at least it’s solved :+1:

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