How to simplify current workflow on percentile calculations?

Dear Knime collegues,

In the workflow below I am calculating percentiles within defined groups within my dataset. I need the calculate percentiles for many different groupings within the dataset that I have. So what I do now is repeating the calculation each time for each grouping that I want. The example shows two calculations only, but in practice I need to do this over 100 times (all different groupings).

I was wondering if there is a way to simplify that what I am doing below. Does anyone have a great advice on this?

I have enclosed an example flow to this message which represents a simplified data set and flow to illustrate my ‘problem’.

Many thanks in advance!

percentiles_example.knwf (96.8 KB)

Hi @ jurjengroendijk

I didn’t fully understand your example flow am not sure what final output you require but… I have just finished a similar percentile segmentation project. I used the Auto-Binner node and configured it split the data into the percentiles that I needed.


Hope this helps.



Hi @jurjengroendijk,

if you modify workflow example from this topic you might be able to do everything in one loop.

Give it a try and tell me how it goes!


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