How to split Domain and subdomains?


I need to split the subdomain and it’s domains, How to do it with KNIME?
for example :

image -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> ->

Hi @natanzi,

On the face of it, I was thinking a relatively straightforward regex split would do the job, but then of course it needed to know something about domain names, and specifically top level domain names, as there are country-to-country variations such as

where you’d want the “something” to be included in the domain name.
I did find a forum post from 2015 but I didn’t make that work.

So I went in search of a list to provide the “knowledge” of top level and country-specific top level domains.

I settled on the “public suffix list

From this, we can extract a variation of domain suffixes and use that to derive the other parts of the address you require. (I think).

Anyway, the attached isn’t pretty, and is a little convoluted but it may help with the inspiration for you or others to shrink it down, or find better alternatives.


I hope that helps! :slight_smile:
Split domain names.knwf (35.8 KB)


Nice on @takbb , and nice find about the Public Suffix List, which is the key ingredient.


Dear @bruno29a @takbb Much appreciated…

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